WCSMatch plugin

WCSMatch is a global plugin for the Ginga image viewer that allows you to roughly align images with different scales and orientations using the images’ World Coordinate System (WCS) for viewing purposes.

Plugin Type: Global

WCSMatch is a global plugin. Only one instance can be opened.


To use, simply start the plugin, and from the plugin GUI select a channel from the drop-down menu labeled “Reference Channel”. The image contained in that channel will be used as a reference for synchronizing the images in the other channels.

The channels will be synchronized in viewing (pan, scale (zoom), transforms (flips) and rotation. The checkboxes “Match Pan”, “Match Scale”, “Match Transforms” and “Match Rotation” can be checked or not to control which attributes are synchronized between channels.

To completely “unlock” the synchronization, simply select “None” from the “Reference Channel” drop-down menu.

Currently, there is no way to limit the channels that are affected by the plugin.