LoaderConfig plugin

The LoaderConfig plugin allows you to configure the file openers that can be used to load various content into Ginga.

Registered file openers are associated with file MIME types, and there can be several openers for a single MIME type. A priority associated with a MIME type/opener pairing determines which opener will be used for each type–the lowest priority value will determine which opener will be used. If there are more than one opener with the same low priority then the user will be prompted for which opener to use, when opening a file in Ginga. This plugin can be used to set the opener preferences and save it to the user’s $HOME/.ginga configuration area.

Plugin Type: Global

LoaderConfig is a global plugin. Only one instance can be opened.


After starting the plugin, the display will show all the registered MIME types and the openers registered for those types, with an associated priority for each MIME type/opener pairing.

Select one or more lines and type a priority for them in the box labeled “Priority:”; press “Set” (or ENTER) to set the priority of those items.


The lower the number, the higher the priority. Negative numbers are fine and the default priority for a loader is usually 0. So, for example, if there are two loaders available for a MIME type and one priority is set to -1 and the other to 0, the one with -1 will be used without asking the user to choose.

Click “Save” to save the priorities to $HOME/.ginga/loaders.json so that they will be reloaded and used on subsequent restarts of the program.