Log plugin

See the logging output of the reference viewer.

Plugin Type: Global

Log is a global plugin. Only one instance can be opened.


The Log plugin builds a UI that includes a large scrolling text widget showing the active output of the logger. The latest output shows up at the bottom. This can be useful for troubleshooting problems.

There are four controls:

  • The combo box on the lower left allows you to choose the level of logging desired. The four levels, in order of verbosity are: “debug”, “info”, “warn”, and “error”.

  • The box with the number on the lower right allows you to set how many lines of input to keep in the display buffer (e.g., keep only the last 1000 lines).

  • The checkbox “Auto scroll”, if checked, will cause the large text widget to scroll to the end as new log messages are added. Uncheck this if you want to peruse the older messages and study them.

  • The “Clear” button is used to clear the text widget, so that only new logging shows up.