The Info plugin provides a pane of commonly useful metadata about the associated channel image. Common information includes some metadata header values, coordinates, dimensions of the image, minimum and maximum values, etc. As the cursor is moved around the image, the X, Y, Value, RA, and DEC values are updated to reflect the value under the cursor.

Plugin Type: Global

Info is a global plugin. Only one instance can be opened.


At the bottom of the Info interface the cut levels controls. Here the low and high cut levels are shown and can be adjusted. Pressing the “Auto Levels” button will recalculate cut levels based on the current auto cut levels algorithm and parameters defined in the channel preferences.

Below the “Auto Levels” button, the status of the settings for “Cut New”, “Zoom New”, and “Center New” are shown for the currently active channel. These indicate how new images that are added to the channel will be affected by auto cut levels, fitting to the window and panning to the center of the image.

The “Follow New” checkbox controls whether the viewer will automatically display new images added to the channel. The “Raise New” checkbox controls whether an image viewer window is raised when a new image is added. These two controls can be useful, for example, if an external program is adding images to the viewer, and you wish to prevent interruption of your work examining a particular image.

As a global plugin, Info responds to a change of focus to a new channel by displaying the metadata from the new channel. It typically appears under the “Synopsis” tab in the user interface.

This plugin is not usually configured to be closeable, but the user can make it so by setting the “closeable” setting to True in the configuration file–then Close and Help buttons will be added to the bottom of the UI.